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Our company has 30 years of experience in the production and development of Raymond mill. In recent years, the company has been constantly updating the technology of Raymond mill and optimizing the performance and quality of the equipment, which can also be called Raymond machine, and the finished product size can be adjusted in the range of 100-325 mesh. Raymond mill is suitable for the powder processing of 280 kinds of materials in mining, chemical, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, such as barite, calcite, potassium feldspar, talc, marble, limestone, ceramics, glass, etc. with Mohs hardness not more than 7 and humidity below 6%, which are not flammable and explosive.

Production Capacity

Technical Parameter
product Deatails
YSM Vertical Roller Cement Mill is a new type roller mill developed and designed by Henan Yusheng Machinery Co.,Ltd, which is specifically used for the final grinding of cement. The grinding table lining plate and the grinding roller sleeve is made by wear-resistant surfacing material, while the blades of the air separator are made of special high-quality wear-resistant plate, to minimize equipment wear and maintenance time, meanwhile to improve equipment operation rate. The high efficiency air separator of dynamic and static combined type can guarantee that the cement specific surface area will be adjusted within a reasonable range, and the finished cement products have suitable size distribution. By controlling the inner temperature, the grinding mill can ensure a proper dehydration of gypsum in cement.
product Technical Parameter
YSMK Cement Mill
Type Dia of Table Micro Powder Capacity Installation of Power Annual Capacity
(mm) (TPH) (KW) (Tons)
YSMK26 2600 30~40 900 250,000
YSMK32 3200 50~55 1400 380,000
YSMK34 3400 60~65 1600 460,000
YSMK36 3600 80~90 2000 600,000
YSMK40 4000 100~110 2500 750,000
YSMK46 4600 120~140 3150 900,000
YSMK53 5300 180~200 4500 1,350,000

NOTES: Max. Feed Moisture ≤ 8%; Outlet Moisture ≤ 0.1% Fineness: 3300cm2 /g, R80μm≤ 1%, R45μm≤ 8%.

YSMS Slag Mill
Type Dia of Table Micro Powder Capacity Installation of Power Annual Capacity
(mm) (TPH) (KW) (Tons)
YSMS21 2100 13~18 450 100,000
YSMS26 2600 25~30 900 200,000
YSMS32 3200 40~50 1400 300,000
YSMS34 3400 45~55 1800 360,000
YSMS36 3600 60~70 2000 450,000
YSMS40 4000 75~85 2500 550,000
YSMS46 4600 90~100 3150 650,000
YSMS53 5300 140~155 4500 1,000,000
YSMS62 6200 210~250 6000 1,500,000

NOTES: Feed Moisture ≤ 20%; Feed size≤10mm; Outlet Moisture ≤ 0.5% Fineness: 4000cm2 /g~4500cm2/g, Power consumption of slag mill<3KWh/t.

YSMC Coal Mill   
Type Dia of Table Micro Powder Capacity Installation of Power Capacity
(mm) (TPH) (KW) (Tons)
YSMC21 2100 15~20 280 120,000
YSMC26 2600 26~35 500 200,000
YSMC32 3200 55~65 800 400,000
YSMC34 3400 70~80 900 500,000
YSMC36 3600 80~90 1250 600,000
YSMC40 4000 110~135 1600 800,000

NOTES: Raw Coal Feed Moisture≤15%;Outlet Moisture≤1.0%;Fineness: R80μm=10-15%(bituminous coal), R80μm=1-5%(anthracite);Raw coal grindability of coal inlet HGI=45~80.
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Yusheng has obtained a number of invention licenses, and the products they developed and produced have been exported to many countries and regions in the world.
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